Esquire Magazine Mockup

Esquire Magazine Mockup

This is an emulation of an Esquire magazine cover. The design was achieved using Adobe Photoshop and Indesign. The design is simple but I think it’s pretty effective.


Video Card Box Design – Front

This was created for a project in a package design course. The objective was to create a package design for a product we selected. I chose to design a video card box using Adobe Photoshop featuring the EVGA GTX 690 card, one of the best on the market at the time of it’s creation. The character was extracted from the original background and color corrected to suit the green color theme. This is the front panel of the packaging for the card.

Dark Knight DVD Cover

This is an Alternate DVD cover for the Batman film The Dark Knight. The Cover was created using Adobe Photoshop and utilizes various filters, layer masks and effects to achieve the end result. This was done as a school assignment for a DVD cover recreation project. I am happy with the end result of this project.

New York Knicks Billboard

This Image was created using Adobe Photoshop. The players depicted were removed from their original backgrounds and superimposed onto the billboard. The title was created using the basic text effects available in Photoshop. This was an early work created while learning to use Photoshop.

Wolverine Vector

This image was created in a cell-shaded art style using Adobe Illustrator. The image is a recreation of an existing image that was used as a reference. Multiple layers were utilized to achieve the highlights and shading visible on the character. This was one of my first projects using Adobe Illustrator.